Monday, 15 May 2017

Trip to Cameron Highlands

My trip to Cameron Highlands...

Last Sunday me and my friend went to Cameron Highlands. We used Simpang Pulai route as our alternatives since I'm not used to the winding road (feeling dizzy... hehehe). Fortunately I prepared some slices of raw ginger. Thanks mum for the best tips.

Sunny fresh air and the leaves are so green and beautiful... Don't you think so??? Good for our eyesight too.

Then we head to Lavender Garden... Hooray!!! Hundreds of visitors and the sunny smiling sun are welcoming us. We quickly snapped some photos before entering...

My name is Miss Lavender; sweet & romantic

I'm Miss Begonia; sexy & hot flower

Hello, I'm Miss Sunflower

Guess, who am I??

Everyone I am Miss Water Lotus

Hahaha!!! We spent almost 1 hour enjoying ourselves; taking photos with the agriculture, status and colorful flowers.. They are really an eye-opener for us. Before noon, guess we went?? Yes the Boh tea farm... Smells wonderful with the aroma of the tea and the cozy and breezy wind blew towards my face. Really wonderful and relax moment I never had.

We went to a cafe located at the farm... So hard to get a place to sit... Who is faster who can get a sit...  if not, sorry next table please... hehehe...

Thank God, we were so lucky to get at place just beside the nice view. My dear friend treat me with some delicious and yummy desserts and drinking hot Boh Tea.. Thank you so much...I prefer drinking without sugar and milk. Natural still the best.

Ahh!!! Yes,  Strawberry Cheesecake and Green Tea sponge cake
We preferred the Cheesecake than the Green Tea cake. The cheesecake is sooo creamy and moist with the juicy and sweet strawberry as the topping. Marvellous... The winner..  Must try again it if got chance to visit again... The green tea cake taste is so so... they should reduce the green tea taste or adding some icing sugar to cover the greeny taste... but not bad after all..

After all, the trip was worth to visit and will visit again.. ok buddy, shall we???

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